AndOr Systems & Software Solutions (AOSSS) was launched in the second half of 2008,AndOr Systems & Software Solutions (AOSSS) has been named as AndOr Systems (AOS) from the first half of 2014,with IT services as the primary objective. AOS plans to address customers need in ERP, Business Intelligence and web applications domain. AndOr Systems believes in innovative ideas of the team for better products and better services. Innovation is a core value of the company.

We provide various services to our clients that are Business Applications, Web Application Development, Database management, Data Analysis. Our primary business domain is designing and development of pure business applications. We have delivered many complete business solutions. We have vast experience and expertise in managing sophisticated solutions with different requirements. Our technological domain includes latest technologies such as .Net 3.5, SQL Server 2008, Java, J2EE, Struts and Hibernate framework etc.

Delivering solutions on-time with flawless and innovative design using efficient development techniques and tools.